Monday, December 28, 2009

Pantry Challenge

Alright. Christmas just passed... it's the end of the year... time for another pantry challenge!!

I have an abundance of delicious things in my pantry: bulgur wheat, brown rice, polenta, quinoa (he he, I like my grains), diced tomatoes and tomato sauce, aduzki beans, pinto beans, black beans, macaroni, dried nuts, raisins, figs, coconut, lentils, vegetable broth... the list goes on and on.

I have a habit of grocery shopping when I'm hungry, I suppose.

So, in an attempt to make up for any um, budget shortfalls, next month I'm going on another pantry challenge. I'm going to try to use up most of the items in my pantry while making sure that I only go to the grocery store for necessary things, like soymilk and fresh produce. Hopefully, I can trim my food costs down for about a month or so (I'm hoping to save about $50-100). Also, I hate to throw food away and I got a few items getting close to the end of the line.

A few ideas:
Spicy vegetarian chili (made with bulgur... I have so much of that stuff!).

Indian-style peppers and onions with tofu and coconut rice.

My personal favorite: Black beans with caramelized onions and fried polenta! That's home-cookin' right there.

And well... that's mostly what I got for now. I was also thinking of a few casseroles, subbing the bulgur wheat for ground meat. And maybe a butternut soup. And possibly a few things with coconut milk? I'll definitely be doing some posting of recipes soon. Hope everybody enjoyed their holidays!

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