Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adventures in Grocery Shopping!

I went to Whole Foods for the first time in my life today! I've been to Wild Oats before (and I love it), but that place was about the size of my apartment (which doesn't say much about the store OR my apartment), this place was a real-sized grocery store.

That place blew my mind a little bit. I'm pretty sure people thought I was crazy, what with all the giggling and dancing in the aisles (is she exaggerating...?), but I've never seen so much of that kind of stuff in one place! It was like, my dream store! I made a promise not to buy anything thing I could buy where I live (with the exception of some 100% cranberry juice that is $10 per bottle at my HyVee and only $4.99 there). This resulted in a cache of super food:

Coconut milk yogurt (I gotta get my fix)
French beluga lentils
Raw hazelnuts (I can only find them around the holidays)
Cashew-date moochi (One word: MOFFLES!!!)
Bakery-fresh sourdough and rye
Coconut water (hehe... I can get this were I live, but it was $1 off...)
Almond butter (that you grind yourself right into the tub!!!)
And a few other things.

We didn't buy any produce at Whole Foods, but instead went to a large open air farmer's market / ethnic market. It was awesome. There was so many people there! If I had had more time and cash I would've definitely stocked up a little more.

All this food was bought with a plan in mind:
Cashew-date moffles (mochi + waffles = moffles!)
Vegan eggplant lasagna (my first vegan lasagna ever! It's gonna be classy)
Currant-date-walnut scones
Apple-almond butter quickbread
Homemade Seitan "sausage"

I finally have some time opening up! I've been so busy with school and work, but now that all that is left is some research I'm good to go. I'll have plenty of time for some actual meals instead of grab-and-go munching. As always, there will be photos and recipes!

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