Sunday, March 1, 2009

Early Spring Update

So, March is a good month. Near the end of February I always get crazy for spring. I'm constantly pointing out to people that clumps of grass are starting to turn green and that buds are forming on the trees. I couldn't believe it yesterday though. Mariah went out side to start the car but came back in and said, "there's a foot of snow on the ground!" We were shocked! While a foot of snow is a slight exaggeration (it was only about 4-6 inches), it all literally happened overnight. Not only that, but I think the highest it got yesterday was 18. Just two days before we were driving with our windows down in 70-degree sun! Missouri is a crazy state. You really can't predict the weather. Mariah, who lived half her life in Montana and the other half in upstate New York, thinks the weather here is nothing short of crazy (last summer she thought she was going to die when the heat hit 104 [heat index 112]. ) But anyway. March is the month of spring, and I'm ready for it!

Remember that farm I always wanted?

I have one. 40 acres of one to be exact. It's all paid off and ready to go. I couldn't believe it! This has always been a dream of mine (ours) and now it's attainable!

Now the planning begins.

We're going to build a small cabin with a loft and a porch. A nice outhouse. A greenhouse. A cellar. There's going to be fruit trees. Nut trees. Vegetables. Herbs. Berries. A well. So much planning and thinking and preparation needs to be done! We've got bonds to get us going and from here on out it's scrimping and saving. They'll be extended camping trips to get us used to the place, and once we're up there permanently, we'd like to get us a few animals. Mostly a couple dogs, a cat, a couple goats, a few chickens. Mariah wants a cow. I'd like a sheep. Solar panels. A wind turbine. We'll see where this goes. The first step has been taken, but many more follow.

Happy Spring!

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Greencaller said...

Whoah!!! Whoah, whoah, whoah!!! You mean you guys actually GOT the place!?? Dude! Last time I talked to you, you said it was just in your future. What happened!

Okay, screw the comments, I gotta call you...