Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Regal Ramen

So, I walked into my local Big Lots (I lurve that place), so big greeted by the most awesome site ever:

Yes! Your eyes do not deceive you! That is an entire selection of Bob's Red Mill products, and about half of them are the gluten-free ones! Some of them are still about the same price (quinoa, $7), but the huge bag of GF rolled oats was only $3. I'll be stocking up with some of these products in the very near future! I also found recycled Reynolds aluminum foil for $1 and three new flavors of Clif Bars (at the usual $0.70). I love how that store is constantly changing. Anywho, this is not an post about what I've been buying, rather, it is a post about what I've been eating. And by eating, I mean hurriedly tossing in my face between school, work, and working out.

So what's quick? RAMEN. But not just any ramen will do!

I love Koyo brand vegan ramen. It's pretty much my favorite ramen ever. I always have to stock up on it when I go to Whole Foods though, because they don't sell it where I live. I think I've tried every flavor except for Seaweed, just because I'm not ready for that, lol. I think my favorite is a toss-up between Lemongrass Ginger and Tofu and Miso. I'm kind of picky about lemongrass. Since it's so aromatic, it can make the food you're eating taste extremely... floral? But when you get the right amount, it just adds the perfect flavor. Koyo gets the lemongrass perfect! My least favorite flavor is the Garlic Pepper one, but "least" is on a scale of liking, which means I will still buy it and eat it, but only after I've ate all the other flavors I like better first. Haha. You know, like eating all the chocolate chip cookies first and the oatmeal ones last. It's good. We all do it! Lol.

Of course, with packaged food I can never leave good enough alone. In order to balance out my ramen into a more wholesome lunch I alway have to soup it up (literally...). Frozen edamame is a perfect addition because not only does it increase the nutritional value of the ramen, but it cooks in the same amount of time! My perfect bowl of ramen (as an example):

1 pkg. Koyo Lemongrass and Ginger ramen
1/2 c. frozen, shelled edamame
2 lime wedges
1 green onion, sliced
1 tsp. sesame seeds

Make the ramen according to package directions, but increase the water to 1 1/2 cup. Place the edamame in with the water and allow them to come to a boil together, before you add the noodles. After cooking the noodles (don't drain!), stir in the seasoning packet and garnish with the green onion and sesame seeds. Douse with fresh lime juice and sriracha before serving. Tasty! I've also been know to add leftover tofu, tiny broccoli florets, snow peas, frozen peas, grated carrots, chopped fresh asparagus spears, chopped leafy greens (bok choy, napa cabbage, cabbage, spinach), and/or diced onion. The more veggies, the better! For most veggies, you can just toss them in at the two minute (left) mark, and you wind up with the perfect tender-crisp texture.

This makes a satisfying light lunch or lazy dinner for sure!

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Anonymous said...

The only big lots around where I live sucks...yours is always so amazingly impressive. I am so jealous!!