Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Green Smoothie!

I just got a short post today, folks, but it was so exciting I just had to share it!

I tried my first green smoothie today!!

Only... it's not green because I disguised it with blackberries... hehe.

I had put off trying a green smoothie for a long time, just because I didn't think my blender could handle mixing up the greens fine enough for it to be palatable. Apparently, my blender has a "high" and a "low" setting and when you put it on high it mixes it up just fine. I've had this blender for a year and I just noticed that... It worked good...

I used this smoothie as an after-workout protein/nutrient blast. It was SUPER tasty. You couldn't taste the spinach at all! I was really surprised. Of course, I think that blackberries did a good job of hiding it. I finished up the entire rest of the bunch of spinach in this manner and I plan on getting some more spinach the next time I get groceries!

After-Workout Blackberry "Green" Smoothie:
1-2 c. spinach, ends trimmed, washed
1 frozen banana, sliced
1/2 (6 oz.) carton vanilla soyogurt
1/2 c. unsweetened almond milk (trying to up my calcium)
3/4 c. frozen blackberries
1 Tb. hemp seeds
1/2 Tb. chia seeds
A few ice cubes
1/2-1 1/2 c. water or almond milk for consistency.
1/2-1 scoop of protein powder of choice (plain or vanilla)

Load the blender with the spinach on the bottom and the heavier ingredients on top, but not the ice or protein powder. Blend on high until all the ingredients are blended. Add the protein powder (I usually do this as it's running to get it to mix well). Stop it, then add the ice and blend well. Enjoy!


Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

Berries are the BEST things to use to hide greens. Especially blackberries! Congrats on your first green smoothie :P

Liz (its a cupcake world) said...

green smoothies are the greatest, yours looks great, I'll have to try it!

GreenCaller said...

I love the taste of green smoothies, pretty much the way they are, spinach and all.

I especially love them with wheat grass juice. :)

Jess of Midwest Vegan said...

I hear a lot about that stuff! I'd like to try me some.

Maybe sometime on a Whole Foods excursion I can have a shot at the bar. :)