Friday, December 31, 2010

Fruit Juicing for the Spirit

I mentioned previously that I've been doing a lot of juicing (thanks to my new juicer, yay!). Up until now, all the juice I've been making has been vegetable-based. I've been really concerned about the sugar in fruit juices, even though they're homemade and contain no added sugar. I read a lot about how juices supposedly don't affect your blood sugar, especially if you're following a raw vegan diet (not that I'm raw), but I'm still a little nervous about juicing.

But, like any chick with a new juicer, I was bound to make some fruit juice sooner or later. This was the first one I tried. I bought a bunch of black grapes because they were on sale super cheap and the organic apples were at a good prices (I always try to get organic apples, they're a member of the dirty dozen. I probably should've went with organic grapes too, but it's whatev. I rarely eat them). I've also been putting a lot of lemons in my juices, as they brighten and balance the flavors and are just damn tasty. This particular juice was refreshing and nicely sweet. My dad (who is a super picky guy) took a drink and exclaimed that it was "just like eating an apple!" And there was an exclamation to his statement.

This drink also passed the boyfriend test. He was surprised at how unlike store-bought juice this was. It's so much lighter. I love it! Also, all this juicing and smoothie making have given me an excuse to use my new glass straw. That alone makes juicing ten times more fun!

Red Grape and Apple Lemonade:
1 1/2 c. red or black grapes (seeded if they aren't seedless)
1 red apple, cored
1/2 a lemon, peeled

Prepare fruits to be juiced by scrubbing them and chopping them into smaller pieces. Don't juice any large grape stems as they will dull your blades. While juicing, alternate between the grapes and the apple slices, and finish off with the lemon. Give the drink a good swirl before drinking and enjoy!

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