Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chili-Coffee Rubbed Seitan Sandwich

I know that I've mentioned these sandwiches before, but now I have some photographic evidence...

These sandwiches were awesome. I've made them twice according to this recipe from Peace by Pastries. I love, love, love it! The spicy seitan contrasts nicely with the creamy avocado, and the raspberry mayo adds a nice sweetness and tang that just really rounds out the flavors. The seitan is so packed with protein that I'm nice and full for a long time after and that's always a bonus! This sandwich is so massive that you can't even see the avocado, spinach, or raspberry (vegan) mayo hanging out in there.

To really ace this recipe, it helps if you get the seitan nice and crispy on the outside (but then again, always getting the seitan nice and crispy is the key for every recipe!).

The only other thing I changed about this recipe was I substituted a half cup of really strong, brewed coffee instead of the coffee grounds. I tried it the first time with the grounds, but unless you really like eating the crunchy grounds, I'd recommend the brewed coffee in the marinade. To make it nice and strong, I brewed about 2 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee to one cup of water, and then I used about 3/4 c. in the marinade. I then drank what was leftover, because I'm hardcore like that.

And one last thing, the raspberry mayo makes quite a bit of mayo. If you halved the recipe, you would still have plenty of mayo to slather on these sandwiches. Oh, and it calls for chipotle chiles in adobo, so buy yourself a can and stick what's leftover in the freezer. I rarely freeze things (I HATE freezer food), but frozen chipotle chiles get my seal of approval.

Now, go make these sandwiches! I wanted to eat these so bad that I made and ate seitan for the first time ever (I'm now in love). For an easy homemade seitan recipe, click here.

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