Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Update

So, it's been pretty sporatic around here lately. I was real busy with school since I had a lot of finals. I'm a biology major so sometimes those finals get a little intense. I then followed that with a period of extreme laziness, so it's not until now that I'm finally tired of being lazy and am ready to do stuff. However, from here on out I'm gonna be busy all over again! How does that happen?

For starters, I'm going to take a canning class. They have one coming up next week where they teach you all about canning. Since meat and dairy don't can well, I don't have to worry about us learning how to can non-veg stuff. I'm also looking forward to getting a bunch of salsa and pickle recipes...

I'm also going to Schwagstock here in about a week. I love it. It's a hippie music festival with a Grateful Dead tribute band as it's headliner. We basically just camp there for 4 days (it's down in a secluded part of the Missouri Ozarks) and listen to music and have a good time. Heck, I'm looking forward to the road trip just as much as the festival itself! I plan on taking some veganized Chex mixes and various other snacks with me, so I'll post those recipes (it might not be until I get back though. I work 9-hour shifts the entire week before I leave).

I've also sent in some paperwork to be a volunteer at my local animal shelter. Since I can't have animals in my apartment, and I dearly miss having a dog around, I thought this would be a good idea. I'm thinking I'll do it every Tuesday or so. I just hope I don't get too attached to any of them!

AND I've also be asked to do some undergraduate research this semester. I'm really nervous about it because I've never really done any research before. This particular research is on the determination of pollinator guilds for native wildflowers on northwest Missouri praries. It'll last about eight weeks and when I'm done I have to present my findings. When all that's done I'll have about a month before school starts again, and I have a full courseload once again. I'm trying real hard to graduate in four semesters. This fall I'll be taking two gen. eds. and two majors classes (chemistry, anthropology, sophomore literature, and plant physiology). I'm technically a biology major with a botany concentration, as plants are my specialty!

So yeah. I'll be busy, and the busier the schedule the quicker the meals. More on that later.

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Greencaller said...

Hey, did I ever tell you I volunteered at the animal shelter in town the summer I was 15? I really liked it and now the place is so much better since they remodeled and have good air conditioning. I have many a good story from that place and learned quite a lot.

Wednesdays were the days I volunteered b/c it was the longest day they are open and I got to run around recommending dogs to visitors. :)

I will warn you, tho... if u volunteer you'll have to clean up after the cats, too...