Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Food Update... well, mostly

A lot of recipes have been floating around my brain. Last night I made some Hemp Muffins. They were very good. Mariah loves them, but they're not quite what I was wanting. I think a few carob chips are necessary! Also, I used shredded wheat cereal instead of bran because that was what I had on hand. It worked well, but I'd like to try it with the bran.

Also, I'm thinking about making some scones. And some Pineapple Black Bean Enchiladas. And maybe something with applesauce in it. And my favorite black beans over caramelized onions and polenta... so much good food! A friend of mine has a birthday this month and I've pledged to make whatever main dish and dessert suits her fancy. Luckily, she's fond of most my health food and I think she's liked about all my sweet stuff. We have a living room now, so I'm finally ready to start having company over!

I'm also looking forward to going to the farmer's markets this year. The organic and whole food movement is FINALLY starting to seep into this city and I'm so relieved. Driving an hour to buy produce kind of defeats the purpose of buying locally... Heck, I've been waiting almost a year for a store to get some hemp protein powder. It's ridiculous. This city has such a small-town attitude and it's so resistant to change, when in reality it's not that small. It just keeps cutting itself off from any potential growth. I read an article today in the newspaper that made me roll my eyes. It was about an organic food co-op. The article keep going on and on about all the good reasons why someone should join, but then you get to the very last sentence and it says, "no new members are being accepted". Puh-leeze. In a city of almost 80,000 people you wouldn't think these kinds of barriers still exist (especially in such an agriculturally-oriented Midwestern state)... but they do.

You know what though? They can buy all the organic bread they want... my homemade stuff still tastes better. :)

Anyway, as I was saying, this month is going to be full of various black bean and tofu recipes. I also have a bag of unsweetened shredded coconut that's daring me to use it, so stay tuned!

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Greencaller said...

Oh, JEBUS! *rubs face* TELL me about it!!! They talk about "progress" all the time, yet they still only hold art shows themed around the god-damn pony express... *SIGHS*

So, AMEN to your post, lol!

Still, whenever you want to head on down to River Market anytime soon, lemme know!

And I STILL have no idea what I want to have for mah birthday dinner, lol. :P You might just have to surprise me, lol. But I have been thinking about those amazing oatmeal cookies you sent me last year. SO GOOD! 'Cept I'm more partial to raisins and walnuts rather than carob, but they were still delicious! :D

And, speaking of coconut, I was looking at coconut last night at the store and I want to make these macaroons that I used to buy all the time when I lived in KC. Instead of a ball of coconut goodness, these macaroons were spread real thin and sandwiched together with a very thin layer of this vanilla frosting. They are SO GOOD! And macaroons are so easy to make. 'Cept I think they require egg whites. Just a thought, tho. :P