Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coming Soon...

I got some food porn I'm going to post some pictures of, I also have a few recipes up my sleeve (in addition to the ones I mentioned a little while back). I will be moving to a new apartment in two weeks and I seriously need to cook out all the stuff in my pantry, especially since I'll be going from living alone to living with two other people who want pantry space also! So here's what I got going on:

Mayan Stew with Savory Pumpkin Cornbread (I want this in my belly now!)

Good ol' fashioned Pumpkin Bread

Split Pea Stew of some sort

Lentil stew of some sort

Baked tofu of some sort

I need collard greens and I need them now!! Ahem... yes, those as a side

I also really want to cook up some seitan and make a few dishes with that.

Mmm.... I'm gonna go make some food.


Trinascharmz said...

This is a great tasting recipe.

bespatter said...

She's talking about the citrus greens with cranberries... I got mom to eat her vegetables! Lol.